National Smile Month – A Glossary of Dental Ingredients is Announced

The vast majority of the general public now purchase their dental products at the supermarket. To mark national Smile month the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) has published a study into the public’s knowledge of the ingredients commonly found in dental products.

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teeth bleaching

Whiter teeth at home – Is it safe and how does it work?

Over recent years the dental profession has been bombarded with whitening systems many with exaggerated claims. Teeth whitening can be undertaken in surgery and therefore supervised by the

gum disease cure

Vaccination – A Permanent Cure to Gum Disease

A major cause of tooth loss and hence the requirement of implant treatment is gum disease. Gingivitis is mild gum disease and is reversible, this manifests as bleeding

dental implants sold on ebay

Leading Brand Dental Implants For £99 On Ebay

It is now possible for a limited time to purchase cheap dental implants and other leading implant systems for under £100... on eBay (this is for the implant


My Dentist and Me

The professional relationship between the dentist and patient is a close one.

Firstly there is the issue of  invading each other’s personal space. Quite clearly the dentist must get

dental implants cost

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

From a recent survey of questions in relation to missing teeth, the following questions were the most popular.  We will answer these questions for you today:

  • How much do


Clothes or a Smile?

Men have known it for years  -  that despite spending more than £1,000 a year on clothes, women only wear a third of their wardrobe.

The average person in

Child knocked his tooth out

What To Do If Your Child Has Lost An Adult Tooth

So your child has fallen over in the playground at school and has knocked out one of their permanent front teeth.  This is a scenario that panics even

Cheryl Cole - perfect smile after transparent braces

Transparent braces: Straighten yourself out

Transparent braces are transforming our pearly whites

The secret behind Cheryl Cole’s smile isn’t simply genetics. It’s down to a new and almost invisible tooth-straightening device which claims to

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