Computer gaming and its dental application!

Traditionally dental students have been taught on phantom heads before being let loose on the public but that now looks as if it will be a thing of the past as virtual reality hands on units become available. 14 units …

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Injection Innovation by Dr John Meechan

A less painful dental injection is on the way!

A North East based Academic Dr John Meechan based at Newcastle University has developed a way to make a dental injection less painful.

The solution of a dental injection


Implant Supplier Unveils Innovative New Tool

A leading dental implant provider has launched a pioneering new instrument that can significantly improve the consistency and quality of periodontal measurement.

Implantium has partnered with Professor

quicksleeper s4

Quicksleeper – The Intraosseous Anaesthetic System

The Quicksleeper S4 is one of the latest products on the market for intraosseous anesthesia.  It is manufactured by Dental-Hitec of France and marketed in the UK by

bifix se

Award-winning Bifix SE: Named as Preferred Product in Luting Cement Category

Bifix SE (the luting cement from Voco) has scored exceptionally highly in testing over 338 applications by the Dental Advisor. Dentists were impressed by its ease of handling,


Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend? – Maybe Cubic Zirconia Would Be A Better Choice

We all know that 'Diamonds are a girls best friend' -  well maybe that’s changing.  Cubic Zirconia has long been known as the 'cheap diamond' in recent years


Are Wine Wipes The Answer To Stained Teeth?

After a wine tasting weekend, TV presenter Phillip Schofield got caught with red wine stained teeth.

He revealed a photograph from his mobile phone to his audience after testing

unbreakable crowns

Innovative Dental Crown Breaks Boundaries

A company has launched a groundbreaking all-Zirconia crown which is produced in a completely automated way, bar the staining.

Nobel BioCare claim it is a groundbreaking development and

BOST aims to offer an intensive cleaning session

The 5-hour treatment that can banish gum disease

Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss, affecting up to 50% of the general population.

Early signs of infection (gingivitis) are swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath

Dentists drill the thing of the past?

Acid syringe ‘could spell an end to dentist’s drill’

Researchers claim an acid syringe could replace the dentist's drill.  It's the main reason so many of us feel such trepidation when faced with a trip to the

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